Fiscally sponsored by

The Global Artists’ Creative Collaboration for Empowerment-GACCE, USA
has a history of being the first and only Filipino-American initiated State
registered art organization with multicultural involvement in California, USA
run by professional artists. It was incorporated in the State of California on
October 2012 and fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the
Arts with the project called “Face the Race.” It was founded to promote and
support the works of not only Filipino and Filipino-American artists but the
intermingling of multicultural arts that brings people together, exchange
their unique artistry and increase participation in artistic, cultural, and
societal life. It is a strong advocate for the artists and their works because it
is supported and surrounded by bright, knowledgeable and sagacious
people from the Arts Commission, Californians for the Arts, California Arts
Advocates, schools and other organizations. Its founder and proponent is
Dr. Bernadette Escalona with founding members Roberto Carlos, Oscar
Redrico and Dean Castillejos, all of whom were former schoolmates from a
School of Fine Arts with prolific backgrounds and experience in the arts.

Roberto Carlos

Founding President

Reuben Pagaduan

Country Representative


​​​​​​​​​ The Global Artists' Creative Collaboration for Empowerment - GACCE

is a State Registered Art Organization fiscally sponsored by

the New York Foundation for the Arts - NYFA. 

Dr. Bernadette Escalona

Founder and Chairman

To integrate the arts towards multi-cultural community building promoting social justice and equity

Dr. Lynne Brown
Chairman, Arts Commission
San Jose, California


Professor Nenita Dimapilis
Former Director
Cultural Affairs Office
Adamson University Gallery
Manila, Philippines

Rebecca Delgado Rottman
Former Vice President

for Community and

Government Relations 

Academy of Arts University,

San Francisco, California

Dean Castillejos
Board Emeritus

To build an art community that hones aesthetic capital of diverse artists and enthusiasts from the community, attaining convergent cultural leadership.

Our Story


Ms. Cristina "Kitty" Taniguchi
Execon Member
National Committee

on Art Galleries

National Commission on

Culture and the Arts-NCCA

Curator Mariyah Gallery
Dumaguete City, Philippines

​Advisory Board Committee

Mr. Ron Muriera
Board Vice President
California Arts Advocates and Californians for the Arts

Our Team

Dr. Zenaida Beltejar
Director of Social Services
Philippine National Red Cross, Philippines

​​About GACCE

Mr. Atanacio "Tam" Austria
Prominent Veteran Artist

Chief Adviser

Melissa Banzon-Monzon

Liaison Officer

Oscar Redrico

Founding Vice President for Creatives