Finally, a warm welcome to all those who would like to be part of our organization’s strong commitments in the innovative perspective and approach in the arts. The Global Artists’ Creative Collaboration for Empowerment - GACCE, USA encourages you to explore, discover, create ​and discuss the wonders of yet something not known in the field of art.

          As an advocate for arts and the artists, GACCE believed in art as visual communication which can undoubtedly unite the entire humanity even if words have become scarce in this multi-lingual world, we live in. With the intangible and abstract material, we call idea, art is strengthened to convey a communication when one is lost in translation. GACCE as a proponent of social justice in art, has created an ideal landscape based on the context that art should be a new visual language of strong feelings of all races that connects to its audience with the veracity of its message not just mere serendipity.

​​Message from the GACCE Chairman

Dr. Bernadette Escalona-Cooper

          To fully understand the arts, we must also look back to the remotest part of history and how people then have sustained the concept of it which we now embrace as possible and true. Writings, symbols and even doodling, all these have been around for ages which are identified as different forms of communications. With its development and the capabilities of our expanding brains, we are introduced to the growing number of art forms that served as visual communications. With that said, art has taught us how to communicate. 

It has refined our verbal abilities to express words. It has given us power to reason and be enlightened-that power is what we call knowledge.


          The Global Artists’ Creative Collaboration for Empowerment - GACCE, USA believe that all of us deserve art in our lives. It is a tool that generates communication even with the absence of words. It initiates social change, a healthy community and an equitable living. With equality and equity as GACCE’s foci, inclusion is priority to enhance the capabilities of the artists and the​ power of art to impact and influence human emotions and perceptions.


          This knowledge has given us our duty as artists to work hand in hand in realizing that art is growing larger as each day passes. The mere attempt to make heads out of this must not be confined to an individual but together with like-minded persons and an organization like GACCE, utilize this form of communication to its fullest potential. Together with the advent of technology and the sagacity of GACCE, the artists are seen to have increased engagement and made art a more participatory experience that made their audience diverse.

          As a powerful means of communication, painting and art through the centuries have shown the persistent ability to directly influence a range of endeavors and events. In today’s trend, all kinds of visual communications from its earliest forms down to the contemporary times must unite to fulfill the very essence of it being a universal language and form of communication remembering that men knew how to paint before he knew how to talk. In its true essence, the most effective means of communication is highly visual in nature and it is called art.

We are a member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection for the Arts is a historic arts nonprofit that provides people working in arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow.